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必需為正確可聯絡電話。 +852
Remarks (備注):
  • Delivery will takes up to 1-2 working days (送貨需要1-2個工作天).
  • Our Working Days are Mon-Fri (工作天為星期1至5).

> 每份含20克+分離及濃縮乳清蛋白,優質草飼乳源低乳糖好吸收
> 高膳食纖維含量,促進腸胃蠕動,飽足又順暢
> MCT 中鏈脂肪酸取代奶精,少負擔更好代謝
> 5克+ BCAA,2:1:1 黃金比例
> 添加1日成人1/3維他命B & C
> 攪拌即溶,奶素可食
> 無添加人工代糖,更順口好喝

全新 Spark Shake 的100%再生牛皮紙包裝,讓地球與你都更無負擔,減少70%包材使用依然耐用,3秒快拆輕鬆開箱不煩躁

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What you should know ( 購買需知 )
  • Delivery Enquiries
    1. Your delivery is free ( 需要運費嗎 )?
      Yes, delivery is free.
( 免運費。)
    2. How do the courier company deliver my order? ( 快遞公司如何送貨 )?
      The courier company will call you 30 minutes before the arrival. If you are not at home at that moment, they will liaise with you for the next delivery.
      ( 快遞公司在送貨前30分鐘會電話聯絡你,如果地址沒有人接收,他們會跟你商討再派送安排。 )
    3. Which area the delivery cover in Hong Kong? ( 送貨範圍覆蓋全香港嗎 )?
      Our delivery scope covers most Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories homes or offices.
      ( 我們送貨範圍覆蓋大部份香港、九龍、新界住宅或辦公室 ) 。 )
    4. What time do you deliver ( 什麼時間送貨 )?
      Delivery time is 1pm - 7pm, the designated area is only available from 1pm - 5pm.
      ( 送貨時段為下午1pm - 7pm,指定地區只限1pm - 5pm 。 )
    5. When can I get my order( 我幾時可以收到貨 )?
      It takes around 1-2 working days(Mon-Fri) after the order has been placed. We do not accommodate and guarantee specific delivery arrival times.
      ( 你大概在1-2個工作天(星期1至5)後收到你的訂單,我們暫時不接受特定的送貨到貨時間。 )
    6. What is the Standard Parcel Condition when you receive the Spark Protein ( 收到有問題貨品應該怎樣辦 )
      If you find the product is faulty when you have received the items. Please notify the courier person / take pictures and contact to Spark Protein Hong Kong team for the follow up
      ( 收到貨品後,請檢查包裝原整無缺。如您發現包裝破損、產品不符、或有其他訂貨問題,請即場通知送貨人員,並拒絶接收全部貨品,並儘快聯絡 Spark Protein Hong Kong 網上商店的顧客支援團隊,我們會盡力協助您解決問題。請勿打開或毁壞貨品的原來包裝及貨品本體。 )
    7. If under any circumstances that the delivery company is unable to deliver your order for the first time, Optmeal will attempt to send to you again on the next day. If Optmeal is unable to deliver in the second time again. Optmeal reserves all right to charge you for the order that you should have received that day.
      如因未能聯絡客戶導致Optmeal 無法於送貨日送到,運輸公司將於翌日重新安排派送。如翌日仍然未能聯絡客戶或安排運送,將視為放棄有關訂單,Optmeal 將不作任何保償。
    8. If delivery company is unable to deliver with client contact info, it is regarded as order disclaimed, Optmeal will not make any compensation.
      如因聯絡資料錯誤導致運輸公司派送失敗,Optmeal 將視為放棄有關訂單及不作任何保償。
    9. Optmeal expressly disclaims all liability which may arise by virtue of the order being left unattended for a period of time after delivery. This includes but is not limited to theft, tampering and contamination.
      貨物在到達後,如一段時間無人看管而可能產生的所有責任,包括 : 遺失、污染等,Optmeal和第三方運輸公司均不會承擔。
  • [email protected], expect a prompt reply we have a team dedicated to answering your questions.