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  • Optmeal Chicken Breast - 100 % Hormone Free with ZERO Addictive Ingredients. Freshly Made and delivered in Hong Kong on a daily basis. Chicken breast is well-known for its high protein and extremely low fat which makes it essential for muscle training or body fat losing. Suitable for both male or female for healthy diet. #NOADDEDHORMONES #NOPERSERVATIVES
    ( Optmeal 雞胸 - 我們堅持不添加防腐劑,使用無激素雞胸,保證新鮮健康,提供高品質的即食雞胸肉,以配合全天候健身目標。雞胸含有豐富蛋白質,男仕增肌減脂必備,雞胸低脂飽腹的特質,女生可配合減肥餐單使用,效果顯注, #不含味精 #不含防腐 #每日新鮮香港制造。 )
  • Ready to eat chicken breast Keep under 0~4°C at refrigerator, consume within 4-5 days. Keep under -18°C at freezer, consume within three months.
    ( 真空包裝即食雞胸雪櫃(普通格) 0-4度保存,可6-7 天內食用。如放於冰格急凍,可保存3個月,解凍後便可以食用。 )
  • Delivery Enquiries
    1. Your delivery is free ( 需要運費嗎 )?
      Yes, delivery is free.
      ( 免運費。)
    2. How do the courier company deliver my order? ( 快遞公司如何送貨 )?
      The courier company will call you 30 minutes before the arrival. If you are not at home at that moment, they will liaise with you for the next delivery, the package will send back to the cooling truck and back to -4℃ environment.
      ( 快遞公司在送貨前30分鐘會電話聯絡你,如果地址沒有人接收,他們會跟你商討再派送安排,物件會返回冷凍車並儲存於 -4℃ 低溫環境。 )
    3. Which area the delivery cover in Hong Kong? ( 送貨範圍覆蓋全香港嗎 )?
      Our delivery scope covers most Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories homes or offices. Except for some areas, please refer to Delivery to Your Door.
      ( 我們送貨範圍覆蓋大部份香港、九龍、新界住宅或辦公室,除部份地區外,詳情請參閱 送上你府上。 )
    4. What time do you deliver ( 什麼時間送貨 )?
      Delivery time is 9am - 7pm. For details, please refer to Delivery to Your Door.
      ( 由2020年7月27日或以後訂單送貨時間為9am-7pm, 實際派送時間由順豐送貨員致電客戶預約,詳情請參閱 送上你府上。 )
    5. When can I get my order( 我幾時可以收到貨 )?
      You may select the delivery date when you checkout( from 2 days upon purchase ). Please notice we are not working on public holiday. There is no delivery option for the day after public holiday..
      ( 你可以在選購時選取送貨日子「由兩日內送抵起」,請留意公眾假期不是我們的工作天,因此公眾假期後一日不設收貨日。)
    6. Under what temperature do the courier company keep the chicken? ( 運送過程貨品是否保持低溫 )?
      Optmeal is delivered in a cold and fresh condition (0-4℃).
      ( Optmeal 全程以冷凍保鮮「攝氏0-4℃」配送到府上。 )
    7. If under any circumstances that the delivery company is unable to deliver your food for the first time, Optmeal will attempt to send to you again on the next day. If Optmeal is unable to deliver in the second time again. Optmeal reserves all right to charge you for the food that you should have received that day.
      如因未能聯絡客戶導致Optmeal 無法於送貨日送到,冷凍運輸公司將於翌日重新安排派送。如翌日仍然未能聯絡客戶或安排運送,將視為放棄有關訂單,Optmeal 將不作任何保償。
    8. If delivery company is unable to deliver with client contact info, it is regarded as order disclaimed, Optmeal will not make any compensation.
      如因聯絡資料錯誤導致冷凍運輸公司派送失敗,Optmeal 將視為放棄有關訂單及不作任何保償。
    9. Optmeal expressly disclaims all liability which may arise by virtue of the Food being left unattended for a period of time after delivery. This includes but is not limited to theft, tampering, contamination and the result of any change in temperature in respect of items which need to be kept chilled.
      食物在到達後,如一段時間無人看管而可能產生的所有責任,包括 : 遺失、污染及未能保持冷凍食物的溫度變化,Optmeal和第三方冷凍運輸公司均不會承擔。
  • [email protected], expect a prompt reply we have a team dedicated to answering your questions.