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  • Delivery will takes up to 2 working days (送貨需要2個工作天).

What you should know ( 購買需知 )
  • Optmeal Chicken Breast - 100 % Hormone Free with ZERO Addictive Ingredients. Freshly Made and delivered in Hong Kong on a daily basis. Chicken breast is well-known for its high protein and extremely low fat which makes it essential for muscle training or body fat losing. Suitable for both male or female for healthy diet. #NOADDEDHORMONES #NOPERSERVATIVES
    ( Optmeal 雞胸 - 我們堅持不添加防腐劑,使用無激素雞胸,保證新鮮健康,提供高品質的即食雞胸肉,以配合全天候健身目標。雞胸含有豐富蛋白質,男仕增肌減脂必備,雞胸低脂飽腹的特質,女生可配合減肥餐單使用,效果顯注, #不含味精 #不含防腐 #每日新鮮香港制造。 )
  • Ready to eat chicken breast Keep under 0~4°C at refrigerator, consume within 4-5 days. Keep under -18°C at freezer, consume within three months.
    ( 真空包裝即食雞胸雪櫃(普通格) 0-4度保存,可6-7 天內食用。如放於冰格急凍,可保存3個月,解凍後便可以食用。 )
  • Delivery Enquiries
    1. Your delivery is free ( 需要運費嗎 )?
      No, each chicken package has a specific number of free shipping.
      ( 不需要,每款雞胸套餐已安排特定的免費送貨次數。 )
    2. You deliver to the whole Hong Kong ( 送貨範圍覆蓋全香港嗎 )?
      Our delivery scope covers most Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories homes or offices. Except for some areas, please refer to Delivery to Your Door.
      ( 我們送貨範圍覆蓋大部份香港、九龍、新界住宅或辦公室,除部份地區外,詳情請參閱 送上你府上。 )
    3. Is the delivery 24 hours ( 送貨時間可以選擇嗎 )?
      Delivery time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, or from 5 pm to 7 pm, the designated area is only available from 1 pm to 5 pm. For details, please refer to Delivery to Your Door.
      ( 送貨時段為上午9時至下午5時, 或下午5時至下午7時,指定地區只限下午1時至下午5時,詳情請參閱 送上你府上。 )
    4. Can I request for a specific timing for my order ( 我可以指定收到餐點的時間嗎 )?
      We do not accommodate and guarantee specific delivery arrival times. For flexible time options, you may email to [email protected] for pick up store information.
      ( 我們不接受限制特定的送貨到貨時間,如另須靈活的取貨時間選擇,可電郵 [email protected]查詢自取方法。 )
    5. Is there insulation equipment when transporting ( 運送時是否有保溫設備 )?
      Optmeal is delivered in a cold and fresh condition (0-4 degrees Celsius).
      ( Optmeal 全程以冷凍保鮮「攝氏0-4度」配送到府上。 )
  • [email protected], expect a prompt reply we have a team dedicated to answering your questions.